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Dragon Sword Pin

Dragon Sword Pin

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- 45mm
- Hard enamel
- Gold plating
- 2 rubber backings

Pin Grading

We grade our pins as "standard" and "seconds". Pins are handmade so they will always have slight imperfections and none will be perfect.


Highest grade. Imperfections only on close-up inspection or in a specific angle of light. Good for pin collections!

Some of the imperfections may include:
- Tiny bubbles, dust, debris, stratches or dents.
- Minor plating imperfections.
- Slightly low filled enamel in small areas.
- Slighty discoloured or imperfect enamel or plating in small areas.

Despite any imperfections, the design as a whole will not be affected.


Discounted pins that have more obvious imperfections which may be visible from more than one angle. Still good for wearing on clothes and bags or putting on a pin board. Also good for collecting on a budget!

Some of the imperfections may include:
- Larger, excessive or more central bubbles, dust, debris, stratches or dents.
- Plating imperfections that affect the way the pin looks.
- Low filled or missing enamel in larger areas.
- Wrong enamel fill colours in larger areas.
- Discoloured or stained plating.

We do not sell pins which we don't think still look cute :)


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